Living at Leland

Leland House currently is accepting applications for members and/or subletters for two vacant rooms.

This bedroom is on the second floor of our 4-story house. The second floor has 4 bedrooms, two full bathrooms, and a kitchen, as well as an office space with house-public computer.

Members are expected to pay a $500 member share, which functions very much like a security deposit, but also buys the member into the co-operative. Members are also expected to participate in the food co-op, a $100/month financial commitment covering bulk staples and many weekly fresh staple groceries. Members become homeowners and participating stewards of the non-profit organization at the house and full co-op level.

Second Floor Bedroom: Available February 1.

This bedroom is on the second floor of our 4-story house. The second floor has 4 bedrooms, two full bathrooms, and a kitchen, as well as an office space with house-public computer.


second floor, off kitchen

Wood floor, high ceiling, wardrobe closet. Comfortably fits a twin bed and desk. 3-bay window faces alley; single window (shown) faces Leland Ave. $455/month room fee; $100/month food share for food co-op. Food co-op participation is expected of members.

second floor bedroom, off kitchen: wardrobe, view exiting bedroom.

second floor bedroom, off kitchen: wardrobe, view exiting bedroom.

One of the smaller of the second floor bedrooms, this cozy room is warm enough with its single radiator that we’re using it as an office during the cold snap! Door leads to the second floor kitchen. Yes, we have two kitchens.

Third floor bedroom: Available Feb. 1

Carpeted room features a walk-in closet and a dormer window space. The carpet was steam-cleaned upon vacancy by the prior resident.

The third floor has two bedrooms, one bathroom with shower, and a common space used generally for study and other activities.

This room is larger than the room pictured above (photos are coming). $500/month room fee; $100/month food share for food co-op participation. Food co-op participation is expected of members.


Leland House in owned by Stone Soup Cooperative. Monthly “rent” is dependent on bedroom size. Room and food share fees cover all shared expenses, including utilities and food staples.

Members buy a share in the cooperative upon moving in. Members are instant homeowners, with a year lease! What? Yes! This means collectively making decisions to take care of the house, participating in the food co-op cook schedule (currently, each member makes a house meal once every three weeks), and more. Members participate in house meetings in order to support the day-to-day and larger decisions made for the house. Currently, we meet on Sunday nights, three Sundays a month.

Subletters pay a deposit, sign a 2-6 month lease, and participate in many house decisions. Subletters can choose whether or not to participate in the food co-op.

Both members and subletters share housework. This includes cleaning chores, cooking for communal meals, grocery shopping, tending the yard and garden, or administrative tasks like coordinating outreach. Members can expect to spend four to ten hours per week tending to house needs, depending on the time of year and activities created by residents.

Couples who share a room pay the room fee plus an $82/month ‘extra person fee’. Each partner of the couple is expected to pay $100/month food share. Each partner of the couple, if they become members, pay the one-time $500 member share (refundable at end of contract, like a security deposit).

If you have any other questions, contact us online.

The application process

Prospective members and subletters submit an application to start our membership process. We encourage interested persons to attend our potlucks, or one of our special events, which you can find on our blog.

Apply to live at Leland

If you prefer, you can download this application.



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Rent varies according to room. Monthly rent covers all utilities, supplies and food. Will you be able to meet the monthly rent of $550-640?

Membership includes a one-time deposit of $500. this fee is reimbursable upon moving out. Will you be able to make this deposit?*

Describe your commitment to Social Justice. Please tell us about justice work you have done: your past experiences, your present work, and your future plans…

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