DIS(closure): Making the Fight for Schools

Fact: Since 2004, school closures that transfer students outside their immediate neighborhoods have resulted in spikes of violence, in and around elementary and high schoolsFact: In previous round of Chicago school closings, 65% of the teachers that were displaced were African American WomenFact: 80% of displaced students transferred to underperforming schoolsWhy is the district undertaking drastic changes with known bad outcomes and no good outcomes?

Join Stone Soup in a transformative dialogue on education and school closures in the City of Chicago.  Our guest will be Karen from Northside Action for Justice (founder of Uptown’s Uplift High School). Learn how the fight against school closures is connected to different struggles around Chicago and nationwide (racism, homophobia, labor, housing, mental health, sexism).
Location: Stone Soup Leland House,
1430 W. Leland
Time: 6:00pm Breaking Bread (Pot-luck)   
6:30pm Discussion
We will also discuss plans for “outreach with your neighbor day” and the 3 Day City Wide MARCH on May 18, 19, and 20. All are welcome. Please share with your networks.
Bring your good hearts, open mind, and creative spirits to the table! In faith, love, and action- Leland House
Additional Resources: Northside Action for Justice: http://www.actionforjustice.org/ The Color Of School ClosureS Infographic: http://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/District_Dossier/2013/04/school_closings.html Teachers for Social Justice (TSJ)’s School Closings Fact Sheets http://www.teachersforjustice.org/2013/03/school-closings-fact-sheets.html Chicago Board of Education website: http://www.cpsboe.org/home
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